Our Services

  1. Slow PC check-up
  2. Full PC Tune-up
  3. Auto Restart Problems
  4. Freeze / Hang
  5. BSOD (Blue Screen) Problems
  6. OS Failed to boot
  7. File Cannot be opened problem
  8. Media file related problems
    1. File not opening
    2. Slow video
  9. Auto delete
  1. Distribution Choice (Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary OS etc.)
  2. Testdrive (Live Boot and Install)
  3. WINE to run windows apps
  4. Application installation
1. Windows installation With Applications and driversBDT 950
2. Windows installation With ONLY driversBDT 500
3. OS Upgrades With Applications and driversBDT 950
4. OS Upgrades With ONLY driversBDT 950
5. Special Hardware Driver Installation(Negotiable)
6. Data Transfer & Backup
7. Virus And Malware removal
8. MAC OS SetupBDT 2000
9. Mac Dual boot with windows 10BDT 3500
10. HDD / SSD RepartitioningBDT 400
11. Software Specific errors
  • Chrome Very Slow
  • MS Office Font & other problems
  • All Adobe program errors

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