We are dedicated to solving all your software

With over 10 years of experience in the computer servicing  industry , inshallah we can solve all your software issues. Call us now!

  1. Removal of annoying popup & error messages
  2. Slow PC check-up
  3. Tune-up
  4. Auto Restart Problems
  5. Freeze / Hang
  6. BSOD (Blue Screen) Problems
  7. OS Failed to boot
  8. Start-up freeze
    And a lot more…..
  1. Diagnosis Desktop, Laptop
  2. Data Recovery
  3. Upgrades (RAM, GPU, HDD, SDD etc.)
  4. Dust cleaning
  5. CPU/GPU Thermal Paste Cooling
  6. Power switch repair
    And a lot more…¬†
  1. HSC ICT C Programming Online Practice
  2. HSC ICT HTML Programming Online Practice
  3. HSC ICT Database Management Online Practice
  1. Windows installation With Applications and drivers.
  2. Windows With Drivers
  3. OS Upgrades
  4. MAC OS Setup
    1. Dual boot with windows 10
  5. And a lot more…..
  1. Domain buying
  2. Hosting
  3. WordPress Installation
  4. WordPress Site building

Printing Services

  1. A4 Photo Print
  2. Certificate Print
  3. Visiting Card
  4. A4 full color/black print
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