We are dedicated to providing latest IT trainning and solving all your software

With over 12 years of experience in the computer servicing  industry , inshallah we can solve all your software issues. Call us now!

  1. Slow PC check-up
  2. Tune-up
  3. Auto Restart Problems
  4. Freeze / Hang
  5. BSOD (Blue Screen) Problems
  6. OS Failed to boot
    And a lot more…..
  1. Diagnosis Desktop, Laptop
  2. Data Recovery
  3. Upgrades (RAM, GPU, HDD, SDD etc.)
  4. Power switch repair
    And a lot more… 
  1. Cloud-based Google Office Course 
  2. HSC ICT Programming Training
  3. Digital e-book Creation
  4. WordPress Web Development
  1. Windows installation With Applications and drivers.
  2. Windows With Drivers
  3. OS Upgrades
  4. MAC OS Setup
    And a lot more…..
  1. Domain buying
  2. Hosting
  3. WordPress Installation
  4. WordPress Site building
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